Greek Economists for Reform comment on Greece’s political turmoil in the foreign media

Radio interview of Yannis Ioannides at Bloomberg Radio News on Friday 4/11/2011. The interview covers the issues pertaining to the Greek crisis while the debate on the vote of confidence was going on in the Hellenic Parliament.

TV interview of Nicholas Economides at Bloomberg News on Wednesday 9/11/2011. The interview covers the selection of a new Prime Minister, and Economides argues that Lucas Papademos is the right candidate. Other recent TV interviews of Nicholas Economides: CNBC Friday 4/11/2011, CNBC Thursday 3/11/2011, Bloomberg Friday 28/10/2011.

Interview by Dimitri Vayanos on VoxEU on Friday 11/11/2011.  Vayanos argues that leaving the Euro would be bad for Greece because this would reduce the pressure to do the necessary institutional reforms, that Lucas Papademos’ appointment as Prime Minister was a good development, and that more generally Greece needs more technocratic skills at high levels of the government.

Interview by Michael Haliassos to the Greek program of German Radio (Funkhaus Europa) on recent developments in Greece and future prospects. Haliassos argues that we need to take care of the current deficits but even more so to create a broad productive base in Greece, as a necessary precondition for future growth. This productive base can only benefit from high-level basic and applied research. Funding such research contributes to growth and prevents massive brain drain. He also states that the appointment of the interim government under Papademos is the best news for Greece in a long time.

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