The NCRT (2010-13) Proposed Strategic Plan on Research and Innovation for the Period 2014-20

Strategic plans are used to scope out the strengths and weaknesses of the Research
& Development (R&D) enterprise, identify areas where critical mass exists to enable rapid progress and innovation, promote and strengthen connections of the research establishment with the entrepreneurial community, and allocate investments in a fair and competitive manner. Such plans are designed to promote advancement of science, technology and innovation in any knowledge-based society that aspires to high level technological accomplishments and rapid and sustained economic growth.
The National Council on Research and Technology for the period October 2010-2013 identified the development of a Strategic Plan as an important priority
upon its appointment in the fall of 2010 and a draft plan was completed in the fall of 2013. The plan was based on input from the research community and from the innovation sector over a two-year period. This proposed plan was officially released in August 2014, as potential but non-binding input to the current design efforts, carried out by the Ministry of Education and by the current members of the National Council on Research and Technology. The principal goal of the strategic plan is the identification of areas of strength and excellence that can be further advanced and can become engines for progress and growth.
The published version of the proposal can be found here.

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