In support of the appointment of Lucas Papademos as Greek PM

We welcome the selection of Prof. Lucas Papademos as Greek Prime Minister at this most critical moment. Greece’s greatest need at this dreadful juncture is confidence in the ability of its government and its people to overcome the deep economic and social crisis. It needs to be reassured that its people’s sacrifices will not be in vain. Lucas Papademos’ good judgment, expertise, experience and detachment from political parties are exactly the qualities needed today of a Greek Prime Minister.  We wish Lucas Papademos success! He deserves the help of all in the Herculean task he is undertaking.

Signatories: Costas Azariadis, Nicholas Economides, Michael Haliassos, Yannis Ioannides, Costas Meghir, Chris Pissarides, Thanassis Stengos and Dimitri Vayanos

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3 Responses to In support of the appointment of Lucas Papademos as Greek PM

  1. Evangelos says:

    Mr Papademos was a friend of Andreas Papandreou (father of George Papandreou),with his help he became professor (until today he still holds the “chair”despite the fact that he is away for 10+ years now) and after that he was nominated (by the same person) Head of the Bank of Greece.He has good political skills which helped him to enter the ECB council.
    Having said that,I still believe that he was a good choice (at least better than the average greek politician),but right now the Greeks are way too frustrated,they don’t trust anyone,being a banker certainly doesn’t help .As for the politicians,I have nothing to add,the other comments summarized it all.

  2. MAF, Zurich says:

    Yes, Mr Kastner, it is indeed sad. Headless chickens scurrying around to protect their own interests, rather than those of their people or their country. Especially Samaras, who is certainly not blameless for the mess in which Greece finds itself. What’s that about people who live in glass houses…..? He shouts the loudest now, but I’d really like to see his (party’s) real solutions rather than more hot air. And they’re all bowing down so low to the Troika, that they cannot see what the Greek people are going through. Not that it would interest them anyway. What’s the bet Goldman Sachs will be called in again to invent yet another mysterious financial instrument to “assist” with the haircut. Sweep, sweep little broom, until the elections in Northern Europe are all nicely settled, then the next house of cards can collapse. Plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose. I can only wish Prof Papademos the best of Greek luck. I find it even sadder that the Troika and the bankers think that Europe’s citizens are all braindead.

  3. Oh, this petition should of course be supported and as a non-Greek I am all for it and hope that it will be the beginning of a “new Greece”!

    Unfortunately, I have Greek friends and those Greek friends are what I would call “experienced Greeks”. They tell me to get back to reality. And then they explain to me Greek reality as follows: “Mr. Papademos is nothing other than a fig leaf for the international community. Behind his back – and certainly without risking to blow their cover – the ‘politicos’ of the party establishment (Venzelos, Samaras & Co.) are already jockeying for position for the ‘mother of all elections'”.

    Sad, if it turns out that way but I have learned to respect the opinion of my “experienced Greek” friends…

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