Danger signs for Greece

In an interview with the National Herald (New York), Nicholas Economides underlines the danger of a national disaster of the extent of the Asia Minor Disaster and the Civil War if Greece leaves the Euro. Among other terrible results are (1) a run on Greek banks; (2) very high prices of imported goods because of the high devaluation of the new drachma; and (3) high inflation resulting from Greece printing many new drachmas to cover its fiscal deficit.

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  1. Chris says:

    Ενώ τώρα που παραμένουμε σε € έχουμε σωθεί! Τόσο ωραία πράγματα, τόση ανάπτυξη, τόση Ευρώπη πως θα τα ζούσαμε χωρίς Ευρώ. Νιώθω Δέος !!!

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