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Prodigal Italy, Greece, Spain? A Letter to Northern Partners

Michael Haliassos presents a key dilemma in the current debate regarding the future of the Euro: to prolong support of debt refinancing to countries in the periphery, so as to signal to markets that Euro membership is a one-way street; … Continue reading

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Euro versus Drachma: A Televised Debate

On December 12, 2011, the Greek TV station ‘SKAI’ broadcast a debate between seven Greek economists on whether Greece should stay with the Euro or switch to a new Drachma. The debate was aired a second time on December 15. … Continue reading

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Don’t kill the patient through medicine overdose!

The Greek National Council on Research and Technology, the highest-level independent advisory body to the Ministry of Education on matters relating to research infrastructure and funding, has issued a statement regarding the current Greek situation. The main point is this: … Continue reading

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Eurobonds and European policy coordination: the view from the German financial sector

Eurobonds are actively being debated as a potential solution to the financing problems of troubled countries with fiscal imbalances. This note presents the views of the German financial sector and tries to uncover systematic patterns in the responses, based on … Continue reading

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